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We feel pretty privileged that Portland’s best cheese shop doubles as a cozy, friendly, laid-back neighborhood pub. It’s intimate yet casual, the kind of place that can happily be whatever you want it to be: gourmet food shop, kid-friendly pub, date night destination. We like to convene there to plan our blog posts and projects. No one cares when we get our notebooks out and start scribbling. And no one tries to hurry us out as our business meeting evolves into girls night out, and we stay too long sipping wine and catching up on gossip.

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Owner Steve Jones is almost always there, serving up his favorite craft beers, ciders and wines to go with his expertly curated cheeses and comforting small plates (think cheese-y stratas, flavor-packed salads, and bold, meat-stacked sandwiches). His passion for beer and cheese means there’s always something new to discover, like an uber-local hard cider made just a mile away by a punk rock aficionado (Cider Riot’s Everybody Pogo).

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Wednesday nights tend to be dead for the restaurant industry, so Steve came up with themes to keep things interesting each season. In winter, Wednesdays are raclette nights, when Steve fires up his fancy raclette broiler and grills cheese to serve with a plate of pickles, potatoes and ham, just like they do in Switzerland. Come spring, raclette makes way for pizza, and by summer, he’ll fire up the grill and ask a rotating cast of local butchers to have their way with the menu.

Collaborative, welcoming, and always delicious, Cheese Bar is one of those places that make us proud to call Portland home.

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Cheese Bar
6031 SE Belmont Street
Portland, OR 97215

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